Echelon Incentives

Build and be rewarded!


Echelon is committed to providing incentives, bounties, and delegations to those that build and support our network! You will find a table below with a list of current wanted and needed projects on our blockchain. Your project must be fully completed and in a working state to apply for an incentive. If you are applying for an incentive, bounty, or delegation, please contact the Echelon Foundation within our Discord when you submit a request. All incentives, if a bounty, will be paid out with 10% after 30 days from approval and with the final 90% vesting over a period of 6 months. All incentives, bounties, and delegations listed here are subject to change, be removed, or modified. The Echelon Foundation has full discretion on all incentive, delegation, and bounties listed here. Your project must meet the requirements listed at bare minimum.

Echelon Incentives and Bounties



ECH Incentive Type & Minimum Expectations ECH Reward (All bounties are vested)

bUSDC and ECH Lending Platform

Similar to or or
Must have failsafes in place for bad debt or over lending

1,000,000 ECH – Limited to three projects

ECH Limit Order DEX & AMM w/ Farms

Be able to trade tokens on Echelon,
Have a whitelist (method of new token listings)
Modern design and aesthetic
Listed on Dexscreener under Echelon
Some form of LP farms for ECH and the AMM token
Must have some form of charts either subgraph or otherwise!


500,000 ECH – Limited to five projects

ECH Staking Auto-Compounding Platform

Auto-Compounds Delegated ECH with possible strategies
Using the Cosmos side of Echelon to sign messages
Bonus: Support functionality similar to or

500,000 ECH – Limited to two projects


Echelon Wallet Dapp and Mobile App

Echelon Metamask “clone”
Must have Echelon EVM Support and
Echelon Cosmos Integration with support for current web3


2,000,000 ECH – Limited to one project


Echelon NFT Marketplace for all ERC721s and ERC1155s

Must have search
Must have filters
Full ERC721 and ERC1155 compatibility
with a way to easily whitelist new collections
buy/sell/make offers/auctions


1,000,000 ECH – Limited to two projects




Echelon NFT Collections

Must be original artwork
Must have rarities and unique collection features
Must have a following of at least 1,000 Holders


100,000 ECH – Limited to ten projects


Echelon to other Cosmos chain IBC Relayers

Must remain available and relaying 24/7
Hosted and maintained
Must run a Echelon Validator node

Join Discord for more details


10,000 ECH per route (e.g. Echelon <> Cosmos) Limited to ten relayers

Echelon EVM Block Explorer

Must have smart contract verification
Support tokens, addresses, contracts, balances, transactions,
blocks, etc.
Be able to fully explorer and interact with the Echelon Blockchain

1,000,000 ECH Limited to one project


Echelon Validators

If you run a validator and have at least 1,000,000 ECH self-delegated
We will delegate an additional 500,000 ECH to your validator

500,000 ECH Delegation (Limited to ten validators)

~50,000,000 ECH available in total in incentives, bounties, and delegations! Apply your project today below!


Incentives, Delegations, and Bounties are subject to change, addition,
and approval from the Echelon team. At bare minimum the project applying
must meet the requirements set above! If you think your project meets the
requirements to apply for an incentive, Please fill out the form available from the button below!